Crypto Market Barometer released on

  Crypto Market Barometer released Today I published my simple but easy-to-read Crypto Market Barometer on our website Click here to get to the new Crypto Market Barometer. This is how the main chart looks like: What's behind the new Crypto Market Barometer We believe that one simple but effective method of gauging the health of a market is to look at how many of the most important individual assets trade above their important SMAs. Since SMAs are a proven way of determining the current trend, a market must be in an uptrend, if more than 50% of its biggest assets trade above their long-term SMAs. If they trade below their long-term SMAs, they must be in a downtrend. For the crypto market, I decided to check the popular BitPanda Crypto Index BCI10. It contains the 10 biggest crypto currencies by market capitalization, and frankly, by only looking at BitCoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and maybe Binance, we already have most of the market covered (again, in

Crypto Index breadth data: BCI 10 Advance Decline and more

 Here is a snapshot of the market breadth data for BitPandas crypto index BCI 10. Summary, Advance Decline Line and Advanced vs. Declined for BitPanda crypto index BCI 10 McClellan Oscillator and Summation Index for Bitpandas crypto index BCI 10 Index members trading above their SMA50, SMA100 and SMA200 for Bitpandas crypto index BCI 10

Dax: Percentage of Dax members above SMA 200 again below 80 percent

  Just a simple observation without any interpretation from my side: Yesterday, the percentage of Dax members trading above their SMA 200 again went below the threshold of 80%:   The McClellan Summation index looks like this: Data is delayed by one trading day.  

Working on a website for providing market breadth data

I have started to make plans regarding a simple website which presents market breadth data for "old school" stock indices and some crypto indices. Current situation Currently, a set of tools, a time-series database and a visualization tool run frequently to generate the results I've been presenting through screenshots on this blog. Those mechanics run on a little private server for my own analytics purposes. There is no way I can grant third parties access to my private server, so I have to screenshot the graphs and upload them in this blog. I realize that this is not a very good way of sharing information with you.  This is why I've been thinking about other ways to publish the results of my calculations for market breadth data. Setting the scope I'm doing a lot of thinking about what I actually want to present to my small audience: Do I want to present raw data only, being visualized by simple graphs? Do I want to present insights, e.g. by marking divergences or

Advance Decline Line and McClellan Indicators for Hang Seng and Nikkei 225

Here is some recent data on the Hang Seng and the Nikkei 225 indices. I'll show you the Advance Decline Line and the Advanced vs. Declined data. The McClellan indicators will be available after the next 7 trading days for Nikkei 225. Huray! Nikkei 225 Advance Decline Line and Advanced vs. Declined Hang Seng Avance Decline Line and Advanced vs. Declined The price decline on the Chinese market is also reflected heavily in the Hang Seng course. The graphs above leave no room for interpretation.

Crypto: BitPanda BCI 10 crypto index market breadth data

 This is today's market breadth data for the crypto index BCI10 (BitPanda Crypto Index). I'll include the Advance Decline Line and the Advanced vs. Declined data for crypto first:   Here is also the McClellan Oscillator and the McClellan Summation Index:     As usual, please note that the BCI10 crypto index only represents a small number of crypto currencies (10 pcs). It is not a mirror of the whole crypto market. However, it reflects a large portion of the market capitalization the crypto market has.  

Dax breadth: Members above SMA50, SMA100 and SMA200

Here is the delayed data for Dax market breadth data, percentage of members above their SMA50, SMA100 and SMA200: Since the Dax declined two days in a row, this market breadth data should be more interesting then I receive the updated data tomorrow. But at the moment this market breadth data shows no warning signs. For the sake of completeness, here is also the Advance Decline Line and the Advanced vs. Declined data for the Dax:

Crypto currencies: BCI 10 market breadth data quick summary

Today's trading day has an impact on the market breadth data - no doubt about that. Here is the... Market Breadth Data for the Crypto Index BCI10 from BitPanda This blog post is a quick summary about today's values for the Advance Decline Line, the % of members trading above their SMA50/100/200 and the McClellan indicators. Advance Decline Line McClellan Oscillator and McClellan Summation Index Percentage of members trading above their SMA50/100/200   I attached two screenshots for the percentage of crypto index members trading above their SMA lines. The first screenshot shows the bigger time frame, while the second shows the last 90 days.