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Crypto Market Barometer released on

  Crypto Market Barometer released Today I published my simple but easy-to-read Crypto Market Barometer on our website Click here to get to the new Crypto Market Barometer. This is how the main chart looks like: What's behind the new Crypto Market Barometer We believe that one simple but effective method of gauging the health of a market is to look at how many of the most important individual assets trade above their important SMAs. Since SMAs are a proven way of determining the current trend, a market must be in an uptrend, if more than 50% of its biggest assets trade above their long-term SMAs. If they trade below their long-term SMAs, they must be in a downtrend. For the crypto market, I decided to check the popular BitPanda Crypto Index BCI10. It contains the 10 biggest crypto currencies by market capitalization, and frankly, by only looking at BitCoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and maybe Binance, we already have most of the market covered (again, in

Vacation Time Roundup (2021)

Vacation Time Roundup (2021) What happened during the last 10 days? Vacation is over :( and it is time to catch up with the markets. What happened during the last 10 days? listed as a Top 100 Trading Blog on Feedspot I'm happy to announce that Feedspot recently included this little blog here into its list of the Top 100 Trading Blogs in the web. Feedspot helps you to discover and follow interesting blogs covering various topics, including trading and investing. Check out their website if you are open to discover new and interesting blogs! Major indices dropped The chart above visualizes the price development for selected indices during the last 10 days, compared to market opening on day one. Almost all selected indices declined and did not recover yet from the sharp drop we've seen with its lowest low on September the 20th: The German tech stock index TECDAX gained 0,74% during this period The indices NASDAQ 100, Dow Jones, SDAX, DAX, TECDAX, MDAX, Ni

TecDax incredibly strong 01.09.2021

 TecDax - current state The German tech stock index TecDax shows an incredible strength. According to the market breadth data available on , the TecDax is no longer overheated but remains on high levels. The price is currently a few milimeters below the upper Envelopes band.  The McClellan Summation Index shows the highest value for weeks, but the McClellan Oscillator is actually jumping towards the zero line. This could be a warn signal that an important area will be reached soon and that the index will stop its fulminant rally.

TECDAX SDAX and MDAX Advance Decline Line and other market breadth data

 Just a quick reminder that you can view market breadth data, such as TECDAX SDAX MDAX Advance Decline Line TECDAX SDAX MDAX McClellan Oscillator TECDAX SDAX MDAX McClellan Summation Index on our new website for market breadth data . Here are the links so you can directly head over to the relevant chart dashboards: TecDax Market Breadth Data MDAX Market Breadth Data SDAX Market Breadth Data I think especially in this week the market breadth data for TECDAX is very interesting. The index shows a great strength and market breadth data is supporting the current development. 

Advance Decline Line: MDAX SDAX TECDAX DAX

For each German index in my list, I'll give you the Advance Decline Line and the Advanced vs. Declined data. The McClellan Oscillator and the McClellan Summation Index will be published regularly after this trading week. Yay! TecDax Advance Decline Line and Advanced vs. Declined SDAX Advance Decline Line and Advanced vs. Declined MDAX Advance Decline Line and Advanced vs. Declined DAX Advance Decline Line and Advanced vs. Declined

Breadth data for SDAX, MDAX and TECDAX (21.07.2021)

  Breadth data for SDAX Here is the Advance Decline Line and the Advanced vs. Declined data for the German stock index SDAX:     Breadth data for MDAX Here is the Advance Decline Line and the Advanced vs. Declined data for the German stock index MDAX:       Breadth data for TECDAX Here is the Advance Decline Line and the Advanced vs. Declined data for the German stock index TECDAX: Summary on todays's Advance vs. Decline data For SDAX, MDAX and TECDAX, there was a strong reaction on last trading's day "mini crash". The Advanced vs. Declined data shows a complete turn around. Usually, next trading's day price movements for these indices won't be as strong as they used to be today. This means that tomorrow, we can expect a small positive result for each index. Changes for negative results should be low.

Advance Decline Line for SDAX, MDAX and TECDAX

Today's Advance Decline Line for SDAX, MDAX and TECDAX Today I am going to publish my self-calculated Advance Decline Line for the German stock indices SDAX, MDAX and TECDAX. As some of you know, I calculate market breadth data on daily basis. I obtain daily-updated stock data from a free and legal source and calculate the breadth indicators on the following indices: DAX SDAX MDAX TECDAX Euro Stoxx 50 NASDAQ 100 Dow Jones S&P 500 Nikkei 225 Today it is time to look at the stock market indices with smaller caps or a technical focus. Today's Advance Decline Line for SDAX   Today's Advance Decline Line for MDAX   Today's Advance Decline Line for TECDAX   A few words on the Advance Decline Line You know it already: The breadth indicator Advance Decline Line helps you to determine the health of a stock index. It shows if a price movement is carried by the broader market or just some big fishes. A divergence on the course of the index and the Advance Decline Line might gi

Market breadth data: Advanced vs. Declined and McClellan indicators

Visualizing the pulse of Financial Markets Welcome to my first post on my new financial blog. It is important to know that everything you read here is just a way of expressing my opinion. Please do not consider it as financial analysis, consulting or buy/sell recommendation. About me and my market observations I do not consider myself a trader or investor. My goal is to find a way to put money into the capital market while reducing risks and anticipating big changes in trends. In my personal investment plan for retirement, ETFs play a huge role. I like passive index fonds because they basically mirror stock indices. Stock indices always represent parts of a market or a whole sector. In contrast to single securities, they represent a bride spectrum of exchange listed companies, and as a "group of stocks" they are less vulnerable to unexpected or extreme price movements. This is why some general rules of analyzing or anticipating price movements apply, and I find it rewarding