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US and EU stock indices data ingestion currently broken

An update on data ingestion and chart generation Here is a real quick update on what can currently be observed on the main website: Our main data source for US and EU stock indices changed some internals, which is why the automated data ingestion no longer works. Hence, the automatically generated charts stopped updating in June. Unfortunately we noticed very late, and now the charts for the US and EU stock indices are outdated. The charts for indices from India and all crypto-related things are not affected. What are the next steps to fix the US and EU stock indices charts? We are going to look for another data source and adapt all things accordingly. We will let you know as soon as everything is fixed.    

TecDax incredibly strong 01.09.2021

 TecDax - current state The German tech stock index TecDax shows an incredible strength. According to the market breadth data available on , the TecDax is no longer overheated but remains on high levels. The price is currently a few milimeters below the upper Envelopes band.  The McClellan Summation Index shows the highest value for weeks, but the McClellan Oscillator is actually jumping towards the zero line. This could be a warn signal that an important area will be reached soon and that the index will stop its fulminant rally.