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State of Dow Jones - Calendar Week 41 2021

State of Dow Jones - Calendar Week 41 2021 Welcome to the second episode of the blog post series "State of Dow Jones", where we look at the leading US stock index from different perspectives and try to determine how solid the current development is. Technical Chart for Dow Jones Every "State of Dow Jones" blog post should start with the technical chart, so here we go (created on The Dow Jones overcame the old falling highs and the important resistance at 25 000, now trading at 35 294 points. The index is trading above its SMA 20 again and even went into the upper Envelope band. This means the Dow is slightly overheated and it is likely that the index will show a small pull-back before rising again. The RSI is at 60, three trendlines were identified and crossed during the last trading days. The technical chart provides us with enough confidence to say that the correction might be over and the outlook is neutral, or maybe even slightly bullish. Marke

Milestone complete - automated charting for all indices done

Milestone reached! That was fast! After a couple of hours, the automated charting for all indices, including their prices and their market breadth indicators, is complete. My updated tool stack will now produce an interactive chart dashboard per index on demand. Zooming, scrolling etc. is possible. All charts within one dashboard share the same x axis (date).   And the best: In contrast to the existing data dashboard, the new charting stuff does not require a (time-series) database, thus giving me a smaller footprint regarding cpu and memory. So, what are the next steps? Next, I want to add an automated image export for all index chart dashboards. Those images shall be produced daily and be uploaded to a very simple website presenting those images. This would provide everyone with the possibility to view market breadth data for every index I have in my collection, including crypto indicies. In the (not so) distant future, I want to add even more crypto indices. Maybe I might also add E