Crypto Market Barometer released on

  Crypto Market Barometer released Today I published my simple but easy-to-read Crypto Market Barometer on our website Click here to get to the new Crypto Market Barometer. This is how the main chart looks like: What's behind the new Crypto Market Barometer We believe that one simple but effective method of gauging the health of a market is to look at how many of the most important individual assets trade above their important SMAs. Since SMAs are a proven way of determining the current trend, a market must be in an uptrend, if more than 50% of its biggest assets trade above their long-term SMAs. If they trade below their long-term SMAs, they must be in a downtrend. For the crypto market, I decided to check the popular BitPanda Crypto Index BCI10. It contains the 10 biggest crypto currencies by market capitalization, and frankly, by only looking at BitCoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and maybe Binance, we already have most of the market covered (again, in

NASDAQ 100 - Interesting Monday ahead (29.08.2021)

NASDAQ 100 - How the new week could start

The NASDAQ 100 has delivered. I don't know if we are going to see a new record high every week until the Tapering begins, but the strength of this index is remarkable.

While we can not make any predictions for the next months, we still can look how the chances are for the NASDAQ 100 on Monday.

NASDAQ 100 Market Breadth Data

The image above shows the market breadth for the index NASDAQ 100.

What you can't see is that the NASDAQ 100 is moving along a rising trend line, starting on 16.02. and touching it on 26.07., 24.08., 25.08 and on last Friday (27.08.).

It looks like that the NASDAQ 100 has troubles crossing this trend line, and often the index touches the upper Envelope band, which is usually a sign of overheating. So there are already two limiting factors, and it might take a very strong impulse for the price to overcome those limits. It is more likely that the NASDAQ 100 will slowly advance along those borders.

In addition, Advanced vs. Declined raw data also reached an extreme on Friday. Chances are high that this data declines, moving in the opposite direction.

So, for Monday, it is unlikely that we are going to see huge gains. Instead, we might see a small decline.


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Crypto Market Barometer released on

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