Crypto Market Barometer released on

  Crypto Market Barometer released Today I published my simple but easy-to-read Crypto Market Barometer on our website Click here to get to the new Crypto Market Barometer. This is how the main chart looks like: What's behind the new Crypto Market Barometer We believe that one simple but effective method of gauging the health of a market is to look at how many of the most important individual assets trade above their important SMAs. Since SMAs are a proven way of determining the current trend, a market must be in an uptrend, if more than 50% of its biggest assets trade above their long-term SMAs. If they trade below their long-term SMAs, they must be in a downtrend. For the crypto market, I decided to check the popular BitPanda Crypto Index BCI10. It contains the 10 biggest crypto currencies by market capitalization, and frankly, by only looking at BitCoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and maybe Binance, we already have most of the market covered (again, in

Further progress on simple website with market breadth data

As promised, I let you know when I've made even more progress on my little project (simple website for providing market breadth data so I don't have to blog it).

Let's check the goals of my previous blog post:

  • DONE: Next, I want to add an automated image export for all index chart dashboards.
  • DONE: Those images shall be produced daily and be uploaded to a very simple website presenting those images. 

However, this refers to the normal stock indices, I didn't do this for crypto indices yet.

The simple website is just a HTML document including pre-rendered images. This is just a demo to show that the whole process works.

I've set up automated jobs to refresh the market breadth data daily and to render new images afterwards. I will check during the next days if this works.

Next: Make plans for a simple website which can actually be accessed by you guys.


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Crypto Market Barometer released on

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